3 Ways to Have Fun at Your Wedding Venue in Portland OR

What to Include on Your Wedding Venue Program?

Your wedding doesn’t have to be an ordinary, traditional and boring wedding of the season. You can plan your wedding and make it fun. We all know that wedding venues in Portland OR have the same program where the bride dances with his father, the cutting of the cake or those messages that came from your mom or your best friend that will snore your guests to death. You wouldn’t like that, would you? Wedding venues in Portland OR is supposed to be filled with enjoyment and fun.

So, what are the things that you could include in your wedding program to make it more enjoyable?

Break the ice

Actually, we all know what icebreaker mean. It simply mean to zap the monotonous feeling away from the people so that they can enjoy the party. You can hire a comedian to talk during your wedding venues in Portland. That way, your guests will be laughing all the way until the celebration closes up. It’s great to keep the dullness away for the moment of your once-in-a-lifetime event because, satisfaction goes with it.

Hire a rock band

It doesn’t have to metallica who will sing on your stage. It can be any wedding singer that knows how to rock the party. We’ll swallow the fact that, hiring a band do cost a lot. But, a band can certainly bring an “upscale” flair on the reception. Just remember that before hiring a band, make sure that you hear their performance first, because some band may not be your type.

Play party games

I know. You are not a kid who will celebrate her or his seventh birthday. Did you actually think that playing party games are for only kids? We all deserve to have some fun sometimes by playing games. So, having some party games on your wedding day can make the top chart of the-best-wedding-party-I-ever-attended-to. It’s your call to play a party game or not but, don’t say I didn’t remind you that having this on your program list will make your wedding party even more entertaining.

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