Ultimate Guide to Hiring Wedding Planners in Denver, CO

Different Kinds of Wedding Planners

Your boyfriend ask your hand in marriage and you said yes. It’s one step closer to a challenging kind of life – being married. Once you are ready for it, you celebrate wholeheartedly by having a wedding event. Unfortunately, you have no idea on planning an event like this, hiring wedding planners in Denver CO might save your ass. They know more than anything when it comes to weddings and putting your trust on them is an option. Anyway, there different kinds of wedding planners in Denver CO and knowing one will help you determine the best planner that you will hire:

wedding plannerThe Referral-Fee Planner

This type of planner does not receive any compensation from the client planning the wedding. Instead, they suggest certain vendors to the client and these vendors pay the planner a finder’s fee for referring business to them. The client then deals with the vendors directly. So, you can have a planner like this if you want.

The Agent Planner

The client pays the planner a consultancy or agency fee in exchange for their wedding planning services. Based on the client’s preferences, these planners assist in deciding which vendors to use. This is the most common and basic type of wedding planner you can have.

The All-in-One Package Planner

The planner charges the client one fee, which includes everything that will be used at the wedding. As far as the client is concerned, they sign one contract and only deal with the planner. This type of wedding planners Denver provides all the supplies, services, and venues for the wedding.

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