Step-by-Step Instructions from Wedding Hair Stylists in NYC

DIY Wedding Hair Styling


Wedding planning can be expensive; you need to spend dollars for your wedding flowers, wedding venue reception, caterer, wedding transportation and a lot more. It is essential to secure the quality of each element once you pull cash from your wallet. One of the most efficient things to save dollars is by doing your own hairstyle. When you do the styling on your own you don’t need to hire wedding hair stylists in NYC, NY. In fact most of the styling for wedding hair is very simple. The key here is to practice yourself during your free time months before the wedding day. in this case you will be familiar to the design that you are doing once the wedding day came.

Below are two simple styles that will make you beautiful in your wedding day.

Half-Up – This hair style is becoming popular to many brides. This style requires half the hair to be pinned up. First you need to cure your hair into loose waves with a little help from curling iron or hot rollers. However if you already have curly hair you just need to comb it with large-tooth comb to lose waves. Leave some strand loose at the front this will give you soft and romantic look and the other strands should be sweep back and secure with bobby pins. To make the style more secure spray a strong hold hair spray.

French Twist – This style is among the easiest updos that is being done by many wedding hair stylists in NYC, NY that is easy to master. Either you have curly or straight hair this style will create a perfect look for you. Begin by pulling back one side of your hair and secure it with bobby pins that will help you to attach it to the back of your head. The other side that is not pinned you need to twist it toward the opposite shoulder. Secure the twisted hair by bobby pins make sure to end the twisting at the lower part of your back head and upper part of your neck. Spray the hair with any hair spray to secure. You can put hair accessories like tiny flowers, hair band with crystals, or decorative clips.

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