Resort and Spa Wedding Venues Located Near the Adventure Park of Seaworld in San Diego

Luxurious Resort & Spa Wedding Receptions

Planning out of a luxury wedding near the adventure park of the famous Seaworld? Well, you can get all the fun in the world plus luxury through booking your wedding event in one of the wedding venues close to Seaworld San Diego CA.

One great option is the Hilton San Diego Resort and Spa. Planning your wedding with Hilton will ensure that you get the best quality. If you let the wedding planners do the job for you, everything will be arranged from catering, custom designing of your bridal cake, bouquets and flowers, photography service, entertainment and transportation service.

When it comes to venues, you will be surprised by the ranging options. You can have your ceremony by the beach, garden, lawn, inside the ballroom, patio, pavillion and even in the fresco. For intimate and large weddings, San Diego ballrooms  is your best choice.

The intimate details of your wedding will be worked on by the team of professional organizers. After the wedding, it will be stress free– you go sunbathing together with your hubby. Submit your request now or call at their direct hotline: (619) 276-4010.

When you will be celebrating your union at Hyatt Regency located at 1441 Quivira Rd, you will be getting lots of presents. Aside from the place is stunningly gorgeous, your package will be worth it. They can upgrade your champagne toast as a form or present. Since this package is really luxurious, it will never hurt if you get 10% off which is favorable for your wallet. You can also avail for your complimentary wedding suites.

Like the Hilton, this exquisite place also offers professional planners for your event. You do not need to worry of outside services because they got everything you need from food and beverage down to the suites and guests rooms for your family members and friends.

Right after the event, you can relax in their blue marble spa. This place is near the tourists attractions in San Diego so you will not have any problem getting in and out of the resort and spa. This place is one of the wedding venues close to Seaworld San Diego CA that upholds luxury, quality and enjoyment.

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