Popular Wedding Dress Color Selection in Houston, Texas

Elegant Colors in Creating Wedding Dresses

These days, the hottest trend in the wedding dress fashion is the breaking away from the traditional all white gown to go for a wedding dress with colors. If you’re a contemporary bride and wanting to stand out in your wedding day, here are some wedding dress color selection in Houston, Texas that can be perfect for your wedding gown.

Nude. For brides who want to have a safe break from tradition, nude wedding gowns Houston are perfect for them. This is because nudes are very light and not really that far from the traditional white gown. If you want to make more of a statement, you can choose dark nudes which is also elegant and beautiful.

Blue. In the past years, blue wedding dresses have become more and more popular. Many of the designers of today are using shades of blue in creating fabulous wedding dresses. Blue is perfect for a fairytale-themed wedding.

Pink. Many shades of pink such as the blush pink, light pink, bright pink and very light pink are also being chosen by many brides these days. If you’re planning to have a formal wedding celebration, opt for lighter shades of pink. If you’re inclined to have a non-traditional wedding, choose bright pink.

Red. Across many traditions, red is always one of the top choices of wedding dress color selection in Houston, Texas. This is because red is the color of love and will surely stand out from the norm. Moreover, red complements well with the traditional white gown which can create a truly outstanding bridal dresses Houston.

No matter what color you choose for your wedding gown, make sure that it matches your personality, your skin tone and your overall theme.

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