Cheap but Special Thank-You Gift Ideas for the Wedding Guests

Wedding Party Gifts

Do you already have an idea what to give to your guests as a wedding parting or thank-you gift? Weddings of the riches usually have sparkling necklaces for the bridesmaids and groomsmen. Nowadays, it can even be more luxurious than that. Yet instead of jewelries or accessories, many couples think of giving them pampering services, like hairstyling, massage therapies or sometimes they cover the hotel room.

There are also wedding guests who are anticipating of receiving something they can hand and hold. So while luxurious items or services aren’t fit to your budget, you can give them gift cards. You can also be more specific by giving gift certificates to classes they are interested in or tickets to a concert or sporting event.

If you have plenty of time to think and search for gift ideas, you can make it more personalize for each guest. Select gifts for each guest according to their interests and personality. A cost-efficient example is buying a limited edition album for your best friend or a skillet for the wannabe chef guest.

A great idea that can save you a lot from spending on wedding gifts is to give them something useful for the wedding and after the wedding. For instance you will have an outdoor summer wedding. It’s obvious it will be sunny and warm outdoors. They will need something to make them comfortable during the event. So give them hats, fans or sunglasses to keep them cool. Make it personalized with your embroidered initials.

Well if you are really on a tight budget, a picture frame with a commemorative wedding portrait is always a safe idea. Other couples even print their pictures on mugs, beer glasses, tote bags and on iPhone cases. Find out which item will be cheaper for you to purchase and to be printed.

It pays to say thanks to your wedding guests the special way. Wedding thank-you gifts will make them feel not only appreciated but as well as recognized for having been part on your special day. Don’t forget to add a sincere thank-you note.

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