The Best Cake Chefs for Wedding Cheese Cake in Houston TX

Cheese Cake Chef for Wedding

A wedding celebration must have a dessert to serve for all the guests. It is an important element in every wedding that signifies the sweetness of love shared by the couple. Couples can certainly choose different flavors to serve for the guests. Chiffon or butter cakes are the simple base for the wedding cake covered with vanilla icing or buttercream and top with different fruits, nuts or more. However, there are couples who would like to serve different dessert for their guests like a cheese cake.

Cheese cakes can be simply baked and prepared at home, yet couples who are not hands on with their wedding planning can search for cake chefs who are best in baking wedding cheese cake in Houston TX.

One of the most notable cheese cake shops around Houston is the King Cheesecake Company located in Lockhaven Drive. They can bake and prepare cheese cakes for your wedding day unlike the traditional vanilla cream cheese cake you can see in most occasions. Aside from the New York style cheese cake, they have more flavors to offer like the Turtle cheesecake and Cookies and Cream cheesecake. All of the cheesecakes they offer is 10” round and can be divided to 16 people.

Anabel Trudeau and her husband Brent is two of the reliable cake chefs in Houston and currently operating the Take the Cake shop. Choose from their best-selling cheese cake flavors like Praline, Hawaiian, Lemon or Butterfinger cheesecake. You might even have the chance to personalize the flavor of your wedding cheese cake, depending on your and your guests’ dietary requirements.

Make sure that the cake shop or cake chef specializes in preparing wedding cheese cake in Houston TX. You do not want your wedding cheesecakes bald taste to be the talk of the town after the wedding. For more tasteful desert you may want to consider pies, see some ideal pecan pie online for your wedding.

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