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Do you want to have a fun wedding photo? Do you want to have a livelier pose with your loved ones and friends on your wedding day? What pose do you want to make a difference? We will share you some suggested wedding poses and get the image that you wish for from the wedding experts. Get Crazy and Fun Images from Wedding Photographers Tulsa OK so that your photos will not be just a regular photo.

photosRound photos. It is a kind of shot where you are surrounded by the people you love. It could be part of the entourage, the couples parents, relatives and friends. You can form a round shape and the couple will be at the center.

Wacky photos. This is very common now. Try to take a picture of your brides maids or groomsmen in their wacky pose. Or you can have a group picture as a whole including your entourage, guests and friends.

Silly photos. You can try to strike silly poses with your bridesmaids or groomsmen. Or you can play silly with your flower girls or ring bearers perhaps.

Just Married Photos. Literally this is a photo shoot with a just married sign. Couples can both hold the sign or they can pose in their ride with a just married sign.

Silhouette. You can chose a sunset setting for this shot. It is where you and your groom’s silhouette is emphasized.

More goofy and crazy photos as you take your pose with us. Book with us now and Get Crazy and Fun Images from Wedding Photographers Tulsa OK.

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